Tuesday, February 15, 2011

HQ ACTION ALERT - Send Letter to Congress Urging Them to Lift the Ban on Youth OHVs

STOP What You Are Doing and SEND Letter NOW

Since early in 2009, the Recreation HQ has posted a number of blogs regarding the functional ban by government agencies on the sale of youth sized OHVs. Fortunately, the Motorcycle Industry Council has been at the forefront of an effective national campaign to have Congress resolve this issue.

Currently, there is a bill in Congress - H.R. 412 - that offers a legislative fix to this mess. This ban has not only hurt families who like to ride together but it has been a contributing factor to many dealerships going out-of-business.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video and then click on the email link to send a letter to Congress urging them to solve this issue.

I sent my letter in this morning just before posting this blog. HQ urges you to send a letter as well and forward this alert to your entire email network.

MIC Action Alert with Video and Letter Link Urging Congress to Lift the Ban on Youth Sized OHVs

BRC Action Alert on National Effort to Lift the Ban on Youth Sized OHVs

News Article about Lifting the Ban

Thanks for taking time to help urge Congress to lift the ban on small OHVs.

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