Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Will GOP Hold Land Agencies Accountable?

Will Congress Review the Closure of Clear Creek?

The Recreation HQ appreciated the candor of Doc Hastings’ opening comments today from his post as the new Chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources. HQ took special note of Chairman Hastings’ acknowledgement that Republicans between 2001-2006 basically failed to hold federal land agencies accountable during the Bush administration.

See Text of Hastings’ Speech Today

HQ believes the OHV community will in short order be able to gauge the sincerity of Chairman Hastings’ commitment to hold oversight hearings by the issues placed on the committee and subcommittee hearing schedules.

Of special interest to the HQ is if this Congress will hold oversight hearings on issues of special interest to the OHV community such as the landscape-level closure (the largest of its kind in the USA) of the Clear Creek Management Area to all users in 2008, abuse of the 2005 Travel Management Rule, and the BLM’s Wild Lands program.

Be assured, HQ will be holding the 112th Congress accountable.

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