Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Congressman McClintock Says NO to Federal Lands Becoming the "King's Forest"

4WD Trail on Plumas NF

HQ has obtained a Dec. 22 letter (thanks Doc and Pat) sent from a pro-access California congressman to the Chief of the USDA Forest Service reaffirming his vow to see redress from Congress regarding federal lands becoming the “King’s Forest.” Also, important is the letter from Butte County asking for his help!

Dec. 22 Letter from Cong. Tom McClintock to Washington Office of FS (and Butte County request)

On September 14, HQ posted a blog about McClintock’s promise last year to take the FS to task regarding the thousands of miles of historic roads and trails that have been closed by TMR in Region 5. Also, his office is reviewing the ML-3 and cost recovery issues.

2010 Blog about McClintock’s Access Agenda

HQ believes the federal land agencies have had a free ride from House oversight since 2006 when anti-access forces took control of Congress. The General commends Congressman McClintock for taking an interest in access by sending his staff to several OHV Commission meetings and to a number of user meetings with the Eldorado National Forest regarding excessive cost recovery fees.

Unwarranted closures of public land was not right in medieval England nor is it right in 21st Century America. 2011 should be a very active year for public land interests.

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