Monday, January 10, 2011

Newspaper Says Herger Travel Management Bill Offers a Fix to Access Issues

Popular OHV Trail Closed by Travel Management Plan - Should be Reopened!

Last Friday many of you read on this blog about Congressman Wally Herger’s bill that he introduced to address some of the flaws in travel management. In that blog you found a link to the legislation as well as other documents that Herger has authored to champion access to public lands.

Friday’s Blog with Herger Bill

HQ supports the conclusion reached by the Redding Record Searchlight which states the bill makes sense because it addresses complaints about unwarranted closures filed against the Forest Service by users, county officials, and other interests.

Record Searchlight Editorial in Support of Herger Bill

HQ has believed for a number of months that a solution can be found to restore a good working relationship between the agency, county government, and the recreation community. This legislative fix combined with outreach by the agency via a substantive stakeholder process where ideas can be shared in a cooperative manner could be just what the doctor (or General) ordered.

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