Thursday, January 6, 2011

Support the 4405 Land-Use Buggy and Help Keep Trails Open

4405 Land Use Buggy

The HQ is proud to feature a very cool fundraising effort by the high-performance rock-crawling community to help keep trails open.

Travis Carpenter will be piloting the famous “4405” land-use buggy on February 11 at an event. Trail supporters of all vehicle types can make a “pledge per mile.”

BRC News Release on 4405 Land-Use Buggy

4405 Donation Site

Over the years, riders have supported BRC and other land use efforts via donations made by clubs, small business, and individuals. Sponsoring a racer on a per mile basis is a novel idea that should be commended.

This year, there will be a lot of OHV access issues where off-road interests will have to be represented by professional land-use advocates, attorneys, and consultants. Fundraisers like this one will continue to be a critical element in keeping the doors open at BRC and elsewhere.

Thanks for your service and support!

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