Friday, January 7, 2011

112th Congress Introduces Bill to Address FS TMR Road/Trail Closures

Single Track Trail Closed by TMR that OHVers Want Reopened

The Recreation HQ salutes Congressman Wally Herger’s continued fight to stop the closure of many Forest Service roads and trails in his District. Congressman Herger ramped things up today by introducing a bill that requires the FS to complete post Subpart B project level trail planning before implementing Subpart B of the Travel Management Rule. That Rule in CA closed thousands of miles of historic trails and roads and also prohibited OHV travel (mostly ATVs and UTVs) on most ML-3 roads.

BRC News Release with Link to Herger Bill

This is not the first time that Herger as fought for our access rights. Earlier this year, he sent a letter to Secretary Harris Sherman about FS road and trail closures.

HQ Blog with Links to Letters and Overview

This fight for access is welcomed news after yesterday’s punch in the gut announcement by green groups that GOP congressmen had introduced new Wilderness Bills instead of proposing access legislation, or bills to address tax-payer funding of eco-lawsuits, or presidential misuse of the Antiquities Act.

HQ hopes to see a lot more access related legislation and/or scheduling of oversight hearings regarding excessive trail closures in Region 5 and elsewhere.

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