Thursday, January 6, 2011

1st Land Use Bills from New Congress are Wilderness Bills - What the Heck!

112th Congressional Agenda?

Today, The General is expressing his grave disappointment in the GOP when the very 1st “land-use” bills introduced in the 112th Congress were not bills designed to address road and trail closures by TMR, or the ongoing closure of 70K acres at CCMA to all users, or the reintroduction of EAJA reform legislation to address taxpayer funding of eco-lawsuits gone wild, instead they selected to champion two Wilderness bills in Southern California.

San Diego Union on the Wilderness Bill

Rather then being able to call BRC or AMA and offer kudos regarding an access bill that they had been working on that was introduced today, The General had to call his good friends and colleagues at the California Wilderness Coalition today and congratulate them for being the first out of the blocks with land-use legislation.

See CWC News Release on CA Wilderness Bills

HQ had high hopes for this new pro-access Congress, but those hopes were dashed on the rocks today by the announcement of two Wilderness Bills.

Let’s see what new land-closure initiatives this new Congress unveils tomorrow and in the coming weeks.


  1. I so appreciate your hard work and energy devoted to this cause and the information that you provide as well


    Referring to yourself in the third party and as "The General" makes it hard to read and difficult to take seriously.

    Keep up the good fight.

  2. Kate, Thanks for the feedback. I picked up the 3rd party stuff from hanging around former Sen. Bob Dole and also got it from Bill ORielly. It is a literary tool. Also, I was given the name "The General' by a Korean War vet who saw me organize the rally/protest against Clinton's Sequoia National Monument and told me that I reminded him of a General... so that is how I got that name.

  3. Hi Don,

    Sorry for you because of all your hard work. Sorry for future generations who will not get to experience the spririt of the "Old West" as grandly through modern day horses. Thanks for all your efforts.
    I like your refrain about all decisions being political. We are small potatoes and this is a way for a group (Republicans)that has alienated a large segment of the population (conservationists)to throw a bone. I noticed that President GW did the same thing a few times. Perhaps its time to give up the political stereotyping and focus on the issue. For instance: What about Senator Dianne Feinstein?