Monday, September 30, 2013

D.C. Budget Fight Could Impact OHV Recreation

As the threat of a government shutdown looms at midnight tonight, HQ is concerned that OHV recreation (especially permitted events) could be an unintended victim in this fight.

While many, if not most, national parks are expected to be closed, HQ believes it is unclear just what will happen at OHV areas managed by the Forest Service and BLM. 

There are many federal OHV riding areas  that could be impacted. At developed sites, will garbage be picked up?  Will the bathrooms be cleaned?  Will there be resource protection or law enforcement officers patrolling the unit?  Will there be recreation staff available to answer questions or hand out a map?  On units funded by state OHV grants, will those dedicated monies be used to keep an area open during the shutdown?

HQ does not believe the FS or BLM will barricade county or state roads that enter public lands, but this could result in the agencies cancelling any permitted OHV events that are scheduled during the shutdown.

Stay tuned as the budget battle continues in D.C.

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