Thursday, September 19, 2013

OR Dunes Update -Major Dune Work Party - Sept. 21/22, 2013

The Recreation HQ wants to commend the Save the Riders Dunes organization for becoming an effective local force for protecting OHV recreation at, and promoting responsible resource management of, the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area in Oregon.

HQ's Don Amador on 2011 Dune Tour

Some of you remember our 2011 CORDRAM Tour up the Oregon Dunes to review important recreation and resource issues with local riders and the Forest Service.   Those tours included all three major riding areas, visiting with local OHV-related businesses, talking with county officials, and a one day field trip with the Forest Supervisor.


Blog on 2011 CORDRAM Tour 


This effort has led to a substantive change of direction in the travel planning process.  The initial FS travel planning had no tenets to address the real danger to the dunes and that is destruction of the dunes by non-native vegetation.  Today the FS and users are working together on a resource project as cited below.

STRD Members ID Popular Riding Area on 2011 Tour


This weekend on Sept 21-22, 2013, STRD and US Forest Service are coordinating the start of the Oregon Dunes Restoration Project.  They are asking interested parties in the area to join them at Bullrun Staging Area, North Bend at 10am.  They are asking you to bring your work gloves and digging tools!
For more information on this weekend's project contact the event lead; Jody Phillips at

Kiosk at OR Dunes

This is a good case study of what happens when OHV recreationists organize and engage the agency and other user groups in the management of an area.   HQ salutes STRD for their effective advocacy and dedication to protect the sport and also champion responsible resource management.


STRD Website


Again, this story highlights the importance of OHV recreationists being engaged at a landscape level with the agency, county, green groups, businesses, and other user organizations. 



  1. Thanks Don. you and Blue Ribbon Coalition has been at our side along the way. We could not have done it without you! Jody

  2. Don - a high 5, no, a HIGH 10 to you for this memorable broadcast!...and X2 on Jody's comment!!...Lance