Monday, September 9, 2013

BREAKING NEWS - OHV Division Weighs in on East Bay Park District Tesla Vote


Many S.F. Bay Area fans of Carnegie SVRA have been following the ongoing and often quite nasty saga regarding East Bay Regional Park District’s attempt to ban future OHV recreation on the Tesla property.

As you know,  I attended and spoke at the July 16, 2013 District meeting where BRC challenged the park board vote to approve the master plan's effort to obtain the Tesla property at some future date.

Link to BRC story on July 16, 2013 District Vote

HQ got a call today from a reporter who wanted my comments on an August 21, 2013 letter from the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division to the District.  I told the reporter if he wanted my comments in time for an upcoming article that I would need a copy of the letter.  The reporter sent me the letter.

After receiving the letter below from the reporter, I asked myself the question, ”How did this reporter get a copy of the letter since it had only been sent to government officials?”  It appears that some official in the District leaked the document to the media or some environmental group in order to generate more controversy.

If the District did leak this letter, I feel it shows a lack of professionalism and good taste.  Rather than reflecting well on the District, this communication appears to show discord and a lack of respect for the public and the law.

OHMVRD Aug. 21, 2013 Letter to East Bay Regional Park District

It will be interesting to see how the media covers this story and if they will give OHV a fair shake.  Thanks for your interest and support on this important issue.
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