Thursday, September 5, 2013

Take Time to Enjoy Family OHV Recreation

Ellen Amador on her Yamaha TTR225 on Auk Auk Ridge
While Congress is still on their August recess, I wanted to take a short break from the land-use battles to share a lighter moment regarding family-oriented OHV recreation.   Here at the HQ, we spend a lot of time out with clubs, user groups, and agency folks working on access and recreation issues.  We don’t often highlight the fun aspects of our sport and how it can provide for some great family time.
Earlier this summer, I took my wife, Ellen, out for a camp trip on the Mendocino NF to tour the trails impacted by the 2012 Mill Fire and to also ride on some of our old favorite routes.
Ellen had not been on a trail bike for a number of years and it was great to see her out having fun and riding her bike.
Please enjoy this short video of Ellen on 18N03 about 2 miles south of where 18N03 intersects with M3.
Video of Ellen on Her TTR225
Have a great rest of the summer and here is to a great riding season!  See you on the trail.

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  1. Don, this is a very GOOD reminder about the family aspect of this wonderful sport we call "OHV." the wife looks like a Champ on the trails, and a good candidate for a D36 Family Enduro with her husband!
    (Shameless plug for D36)
    Dave Pickett
    President District 36