Wednesday, August 10, 2011

HQ Announces 2011 CORDRAM Tour

The Recreation HQ is proud to announce its 2011 California Oregon Dunes Recreational Access and Management (CORDRAM) Tour. CORDRAM goes from August 11 – 15. HQ’s Don Amador, on behalf of the BlueRibbon Coalition, will be headed to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area for a tour/review of the site with local recreationists, government officials, and other interests. 

As many of you know, BRC and local OHV representatives are concerned the Forest Service has wrongly focused on OHV closures over the last 40 years instead of addressing encroachment of non-native vegetation into the open dunes.

Thanks to an update from Save The Riders Dunes, HQ presents the following link to a 1994 Seattle Times article on the invasive beach grass taking over the dunes.

1994 Seattle Times Article

The Forest Service has extended the public comment period until September 1, 2011. After reviewing the site, HQ plans on submitting an addendum to our July 25, 2011 comment letter in which we basically stated the agency has failed in it mission to protect the open dunes by almost exclusively relying on OHV closures as a management tool instead of addressing vegetation encroachment.

Blog with Action Alert to Send in Comments

HQ believes that OHV recreation can survive at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area if the agency takes action to address the encroachment issue. OHV recreation is not the problem… it is the solution.


  1. Big kudos to Save the Riders Dunes for helping with the tour!

  2. Looking forward to learning some new ideas...