Monday, August 1, 2011

OR Dunes - Keep Sending Letters and Join BRC

The Recreation HQ wants to urge OHVers who ride at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area to keep sending in those letters because the Forest Service has issued a letter stating they will continue to accept and use those letters through September 1, 2011. You also need to JOIN BRC.

July 25 FS Letter to BRC with Overview of Extension to Sept. 1

HQ would encourage riders to also contact their county commissioners and ask them to place this issue on the agenda at an upcoming meeting. Also, other elected state official should be made aware of the potential impacts of the ongoing closures and encroachment of vegetation into the recreation area.

HQ Blog on Letter Alert/Info

Here is a recent news article on this issue

Also, I would ask all riders to join BRC as a way to help support our efforts on the Oregon Dunes. As you know, it takes time and money to fight for access and we can’t do our job without YOUR support. Please join today if you have not done so. That is a personal request from yours truly.

Join BRC online:

I also hope to see some of you when I am up at the OR Dunes next week meeting with BRC members, local OHV leaders, and govt. officials. I don’t think it is too late to get this ship turned around.

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