Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Action Alert - Comments to Keep OR Dunes Open for OHV Use Due July 25

Yes folks, it can happen (see above photo)

Just a short time ago, the BlueRibbon Coalition issued an action alert for OHV enthusiasts throughout the West who like to ride at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.

BRC Alert with Suggested Comments and FS Contact Info – Comments Due July 25, 2011.

Recent HQ Blog on OR Dunes Issue

The Recreation HQ urges people to send in comments before the July 25, 2011. As the BRC lead on this issue, Don Amador, in his capacity as the western representative, apologizes for the late alert but trying to sift through the rather complex Oregon Dunes travel issue has been difficult.

Also, Amador (and several local OHV leaders) has requested that the Forest Service extend the comment but has not heard back from the agency at the time of this posting. BRC has also sent letters to Coos, Douglas, and Lane County Commissioners asking them to review this issue.

Stay tuned to the HQ and BRC for updates should there be an extension and/or other developments at the OR Dunes.

Thanks for your involvement!

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