Friday, July 1, 2011

New Interior Economic Report Scrubs OHV Recreation

Last week, I testified before the House Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests, and Public lands about the Hollister Field Office obliterating all evidence that OHV recreation had existed at the Clear Creek Management Area. And, the unit had even scrubbed all OHV symbols from their main website.

In 2005, the Forest Service published a recreation report that stated approximately 23% of Americans participate in some form of OHV recreation each year.

2005 FS Recreation Report (a good and informative read)

Just as Obama’s Great American Outdoor program failed to reference or acknowledge that OHV recreation even existed, Interior’s newly published Economic Report failed to reference OHV recreation. The Report failed to acknowledge that OHV recreation is an important element of the recreation opportunity spectrum and is also an important economic multiplier.

Interior’s June 21 New Economic Report (sans OHV)

June 22 SLT Article (no mention of OHVs - guess all those wheelers at Moab don't count)

In HQ’s opinion, this Interior report has little if any credibility. By ignoring the huge off-road aftermarket (custom shops, parts, wheels, tires, etc.) and industry (4WDs, dirt-bikes, ATVs, RVs, trailers, and UTVs) and service industry (hotels, food, restaurants, fuel, etc) – the report ends up being nothing but a propaganda tool used to champion the agency’s non-motorized political agenda.

HQ supports both non-motorized and motorized recreation. Hiking, fishing, biking, and other uses are important. But what Interior has done is try the old divide and conquer techniques that at the end of the day are ineffective. Again, this report only serves to daylight the administration’s non-motorized political agenda.

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  1. DOI gets 3 strikes and they are out. Strike One- No mention of OHV in Obama's Outdoor Plan, Strike Two - Ban OHV Recreation at Clear Creek, Strike Three - No mention of OHV recreation in econ study.

  2. The greenies that run the land management agencies understand well that the real agenda is NOT the protection of the environment, but the destruction of capitalism. This is a big step in that direction, and more illegal implementation of the unratified UN Treaty on Biodiversity. Scream bloody murder!!!

  3. Less than 3% of the population recreates in wilderness areas while the vast majority of forest visitors enjoy multiple use lands. The closing of millions of acres to multiple use recreation eliminates the opportunity for families to spend time together. Obama may portray his Great American Outdoors as a way to get people out of doors but he is out of touch with the true result of his actions. Much like his continued damage caused to our country in redistribution and regulation policies, his attack on social enjoyment of the outdoors through closure of access opportunities may very well destroy our sanity.