Thursday, July 21, 2011

BRC Issues National Call for Legislative Fix to Permit/Cost Recovery Mess

The Recreation HQ is proud that BRC has issued its call today for a legislative overhaul of the recreation permitting process including “cost recovery” on federal lands. For several years, OHV clubs such as the California Enduro Riders Association has been going through an ugly type of “permit hell” regarding several of its long-standing events held on the Eldorado National Forest.

July 21, 2011 BRC News Release Calling of Overhaul of Permit Process

BRC Overview of Permit Issue with Stories (a very good and informative read)

Most of you know this issue has been steadily growing worse. After attending a number of meetings over the last 2 years with local OHV clubs, federal agencies, congressional staff, and other stakeholders, the Quiet Warrior became convinced that a legislative fix was the only way to address what has become a bureaucratic entanglement of red-tape and illogical cost recovery charges. The permit issue was not just happening in CA and NV, but throughout the West.

HQ Blog on NV Permit Issue

Article About Congressman Tom McClintock Addressing the Permit Mess for Both OHV and Equestrian Events

May 2011 HQ Blog on Cost Recovery

QWR Call to Action in June 2011

The Recreation HQ urges clubs to send in their horror stories about having to cancel historic club events and rides because the permitting process and cost recovery charges have gotten out of control.

Helmets off to the BRC crew for working on this issue. Time to change the rules and make them user friendly for both motorized and non-motorized clubs.

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