Thursday, April 14, 2011

BLM In NV to Ban OHV Events in Reno/Carson City Area?

Don on a Ride Reno DS Event

Throughout the West there is a growing movement among some federal land management units to functionally ban OHV (and even some non-motorized) permitted events. Just recently, BRC’s, Don Amador, was contacted by the Reno Dust Devils Motorcycle Club regarding just such a case in the BLM Carson City Field Office.

In response to that request, a letter was written to Congressman Dean Heller asking him to review this issue.

April 13, 2011 BRC Letter to Congressman Heller

Some of you may have been following a similar situation on the Eldorado National Forest where basically ALL permitted AMA sanctioned-events have been administratively banned.

Blog with Overview of Eldorado National Forest and AMA Events

As you know, a federal line officer (Forest Supervisor/Area Manager) has 100% discretion (without review or appeal rights) regarding the authorization of permitted events. If that line officer is biased against OHV events or if they have been threatened with an eco-lawsuit - by a vexatious litigant if they allow an event - it is quite easy for them to kill events by creating a mountain of red-tape or requiring a cost-prohibitive environmental planning document.

HQ is convinced that the long-term solution is for Congress to fix this issue with legislation that encourages OHV events at designated OHV areas, fishing derbies on fishing lakes, ski events at ski areas, and rock climbing competitions at popular rock climbing areas. The current regulatory atmosphere makes it all too easy for line officers that do not want permitted events on their units to simply create a red-tape hurdle that volunteer clubs cannot climb.

Thanks for your service!

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