Monday, April 4, 2011

BRC Letter to OHMVR Commission for April 5 Hearing in Hollister

Because of the recent medical emergency at HQ, we will not be at the OHMVR Commission meeting in Hollister tomorrow. However, Don Amador, on behalf of BRC, did work on a letter last week that contains several unanswered overarching questions for the April 5 hearing.

April 4 BRC News Release (with copy of BRC letter – embargoed until 10 am on April 5)

HQ believes this meeting is critically important with regards to having that appointed body review potential questions regarding the “science” used by the BLM/EPA to initially close

CCMA in May 2008 and in the subsequent NEPA planning process. HQ hopes the commission will ask the federal agencies and Congress to help resolve the obvious credibility issue that currently exists.

March 23 BRC News Release on the CA OHMVR Asbestos Study

Be assured, HQ will be there in spirit and will be monitoring Tuesday’s events online from its rehabilitation center.

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