Tuesday, April 5, 2011

HQ ACTION ALERT - Call Senate to Stop the Ban on Youth Sized OHVs


HQ wants to issue an action alert regarding the lead ban issue for youth sized OHVs. Many of you got alerts from AMA and others last week about Senate Amendment 264 to Senate Bill S. 493.

April 1 Article on SA 264 and Lead Ban Issue Update

March 28 MIC News Release

Within that article is an AMA alert where they direct you (and make it easy) to call the office of your U.S. Senator.  The MIC News Release has action links as well.

AMA Alert Link (with talking points and phone numbers)

HQ believes it is critically important to make those two phone calls. HQ already made its calls to Senators Boxer and Feinstein. Depending on how busy the office is you may get a staffer or the answering machine.

Some of you may think it may be a waste of time. WRONG! In CA, both senators have worked with the OHV community on a number of land-use bills and we encourage you to call regardless of what state you live in or what party your senator belongs to - please make those calls today. Also, forward to your email network. Let’s get the kids riding again

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