Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Govt. Shutdown Causes Cancelled Off-Road Events and Reduces Access

Watch for "Closed" Signs at Developed Campgrounds
The Recreation HQ has been contacting various federal land managers today regarding the government shutdown’s impact to OHV recreation.
Already, an AMA sanctioned motorcycle event on BLM lands has been cancelled.  On another unit, a scheduled cleanup day sponsored by OHV enthusiasts for this upcoming weekend has been cancelled.
HQ expects that “closed to the public” signs will be put up over the next few days at the entrance to many, if not most, developed campgrounds on FS and BLM lands.  Some units will also post closed signs on the trails.
Closure Sign at OR Dunes NRA near Florence
*Photo credit: Save the Riders Dunes
Deer hunting season is in full swing right now and that user group will be impacted by the closure of some facilities.  Hunters may find it difficult to get their deer tags signed by FS or BLM recreation staff since those non-essential personnel have been furloughed.
HQ urges all outdoor recreationists to be aware that reduced access to public lands has become a reality in the budget fight.


  1. Shutting down Clear Creek in May 2008 has NOT kept people from Clear Creek!

  2. Private companies never cut the only source of income when times are tough. Federal lands need to be put into private hands..kill two birds with one stone. I bet lots of office type jobs in the Government are running full swing, and mainly the ones they cut are the "making it hurt" jobs.