Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Budget Deal Today!? - Let's Get OHV Areas Reopened and Permit Upcoming Events

After watching the Congressional hearing this am regarding the NPS’s implementation of shutdown –related closures and based on breaking news in D.C., HQ believes that a short-term budget deal will be reached today and signed into law by President Obama.

Politico Article on Potential Deal


One of the hearing’s prime takeaways is the glaring need to reform the Anti-Deficiency Act.  It is clearly out-of-date and has been used as an excuse to furlough federal land management staff that many of us feel are “essential personnel.”   Since Congress passed legislation early in the shutdown to pay the furloughed employees, they should have either amended that Act  to allow those employees to work during the shutdown or declare federal recreation staff as essential personnel.

HQ urges FS and BLM staff to please communicate with the public ASAP regarding the reopening of federal campgrounds, recreation areas, and the granting of permits for upcoming OHV events.


  1. Oh Wizard Quiet Warrior - thanks for keeping folks updated on this issue.

    D36 Clubs and Promoters using OUR public land are getting a raw deal, ditto the riders of these special events. As most of these events, and all the hard work that goes into them, are ONCE A YEAR events, it is sad that the closure has affected them drastically. Rain or Cancel dates will be difficult to fill, as others have most of the weekends left in the year. Depending on weather, some dates MIGHT be available to clubs in EARLY December or possibly late November...... Yes, December is in the 2014 Race Year, D36 allows emergency make up dates in early December to assist clubs...............

    Clubs, if you want, you could contact those who PRE entered, and offer a refund OR hold the entry until 2014 event. CERA has done this, and may opted to allow the club to keep the funds in house for next year. Just an idea. Riders KNOW it is NOT your fault as to what has happened.
    Contact appropriate Enduro Steward or Director of Competition or Sanction Steward for more information.
    Dave Pickett D36 President

  2. The speed on which areas/trails get reopened depends on just how fast the Office of Personnel Management develops its policy on bringing fed staff back from their furlough. I expect that fed agencies will not bring staff back until they get those directives from OPM.