Friday, October 4, 2013

Govt. Shutdown Update - Intransigence, tickets, and sour grapes

Closed FS Staging Area at OR Dunes NRA
As outdoor recreationists prepare to access federal lands on the shutdown’s first weekend, they will be met with a confusing array of closure signs and inconsistent messages/enforcement.  There are several articles that highlight the raw politics of the shutdown or detail the economic impact to the local community.
Washington Examiner Article about the Raw Politics of the Shutdown
Coos County The World Article on Local Impacts
Adrenaline ATV/SXS Online Interview with Amador
It appears the Forest Service has closed almost all of their gated campgrounds and staging areas including those managed by concessioners.  
This FS Campground is Closed at the OR Dunes NRA
However, the Forest Service has stated the public can use areas and trails providing they use legal private or non-closed access points.  At the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, users can access the riding areas via access points that exist at various KOA campgrounds or Coos County’s Riley Ranch OHV Park.
KOA Campground with Legal Access to the OR Dunes NRA
According to reports the BLM has gated/closed the Sand Mountain Recreation Area in Nevada.

Sand Mountain Recreation Area Closed in Nevada
 The BLM's Samoa Dunes Recreation Area and Headwaters Forest in Humboldt County, California are closed.  BLM rangers are issuing tickets to ATVers who bypass the gate.  However, the rangers have said that if you can find a legal access point that you can ride at Samoa Dunes. 
BLM's Samoa Recreation Area - One of Only Two Legal
Oceanside OHV Riding Areas in California
Photo credit: Lost Coast 4x4 Club
Strangely, the nearby Mike Thompson Federal Refuge remains open at time of this posting. 
The Mike Thompson Refuge is Open???
ATVers Enjoy Samoa Dunes OHV Recreation (or at least they used too)
Riders have said the BLM’s Glamis Dunes in Southern California are open for riding since that area has a lot of public access points.
HQ believes that the administration could have found a way to keep a lot of areas open using left over appropriated funds or working with private sector or local governments.   Be assured, we will continue to monitor the shutdown’s impact on the recreation community.


  1. Local law enforcement in NV states regarding Sand Mountain... "Find another place to ride during the shutdown"

  2. Just them making it hurt to push their agenda's...

    Best thing is to push for all of Congress to be changed out with a new President who isn't too terribly aligned with either party..

    As is we've just polarized the country and given it to the super rich/powerful.

  3. How the heck did "we" allow idiotic egocentrics rule the finest nation in this world. I say vote them all out and start over with a "message" to the new guys.