Friday, June 22, 2012

Big OHV Victory - Court Dismisses Carnegie Lawsuit!!!

The Famous Carnegie Hoax Fish
(it's the only fish found in the creek)

The Recreation HQ is very happy to announce that the bogus lawsuit filed by hard-core anti-OHV groups during the Christmas Season of 2009 has been dismissed with prejudice by the courts.
BRC News Release (with link to Stipulation)

I know many of you attended the Christmas Rally in 2009 to help keep Carnegie open for families to enjoy during the Christmas/New Year’s Holiday.

HQ Blog on that 2009 Carnegie Fight

HQ Blog with story of Christmas/New Year’s 2009 Fight and Rally at the Park

From what HQ hears from its S.F Bay Area legal sources is that Karen and Company got stuck with paying most of their own legal fees (about 500k).  What a change of course in our legal system when a lot of the time… the taxpayers get stuck with paying for all the tabs created by eco-lawsuits.

I wonder if the courts are being to smell the green  “Skunk at the Party” and are realizing that politically-based lawsuits have worn out their welcome in the legal arena.  Only time will tell.

HQ Blog on Green Skunks at the Party with their faux OHV groups  (great history lesson)

Maybe the land-use political pendulum is swinging back to the middle.
Thanks to all for your continued support!

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