Monday, June 4, 2012

Eco Groups Oppose Raid on OHV Trust Fund

This Whole Thing Stinks!

As the CA Trust Fund War continues, HQ believes that it will be important for OHvers to eventually ask the Governor to veto/oppose any transfer from the OHV Trust Fund to the general fund or to other non-SB742 approved activities or uses.
HQ wants to commend Trout Unlimited and other conservation groups who joined with the OHV community in a joint letter (in a similar fight in NM) asking the New Mexico governor to veto any transfer of OHV funds to the general fund.

TU et al letter to NM Governor

HQ does not believe there is broad support among mainstream environmental or conservation groups for the California Parks Foundation’s plan to steal OHV Trust Fund monies that will gut the local assistance grants program to our local, county, federal, and NGO partners.
HQ also wants to commend CA counties like Kern County who have sent letters in opposition to raiding the OHV Trust Fund.

Kern County Letter$_raid_kernleg_5-29-12_2.pdf

HQ wants to thank all of you (including environmental groups) who have made phone calls, sent letters, and even made personal visits to your state legislator.  Stay tuned as there will be additional alerts as this fight is not yet over.

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