Thursday, June 14, 2012

Continue Pounding the Gov. on OHV Trust Fund Raid

HQ wants to urge all CA public land users, related businesses, and other stakeholders to continue pounding the Governor’s Office with requests for him to line-item veto any raid on the OHV Trust Fund that would gut the local assistance grants program.

 HQ believes your efforts are going to be the key to stopping the raid.  We also applaud the many counties who in a bipartisan effort, in many cases, have written letters to Governor Brown asking him to spare the OHV grants program.

Here is a June 12 Letter from San Benito County regarding the trust fund

Please continue to FAX in letters using info from a recent Alert.

FAX Alert to Gov. Brown

Thanks to all of you who have worked hard on this statewide all-hands-on-deck effort to SAVE our program.

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