Tuesday, June 26, 2012

CA Trust Fund Raid On Major Sports Talk Radio

HQ’s Don Amador was on Bike Week Radio on June 24, 2012.  The main topic was the ongoing raid by the CA legislature of OHV fuel tax monies and the impacts it will have on the grants program and even the program in general.

Topics and themes included the CA Dems declaring war on the GOP and how OHV is being caught in a political perfect storm.   And, how other user-pay/user benefit programs are being hit and how important it is for all motorcyclists and OHV users to get engaged in the political process.

My introduction is at 28:20 – 29:49

Main segment is at 33:28 – 46:19

Link to Bike Week Radio Show

We also mentioned how CA Parks Foundation is helping implement Karen Schambach’s long-time dream of decoupling the off-road fuel tax from the OHV program.   Assemblyman, Brian Jones, was also given props for being the lone voice on the Assembly Budget Committee who stood up against the raid.

Helmets off to Broc Glover and the rest of the gang at Bike Week Radio for having a segment on this important issue.  We also touched on the fact that there are positive pro-OHV efforts in the House of Representatives and how local counties are fighting back too.

Thanks for your continue interest and support!

PS- Be sure and send Broc Glover a note if you appreciate him having OHV access issues on the show…

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