Friday, October 22, 2010

Massive OHV Legal Win in 8th Circuit Court of Appeals

The Recreation HQ is proud to share this recent and historic pro-OHV legal victory in the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals.

See BRC News Release on This Victory

Link to Decision (a good read)

Decisions like this don't just happen, and this is a satisfying turn in a climate of endless anti-OHV litigation being filed against the Forest Service by radical environmental groups seeking to impose their "vision" (I call it a nightmare) of what a forest should look like.

Many of these “visions” include the creation of imaginary buffers around non-motorized land classifications that extend onto motorized areas. Also, these eco-hallucinations include banning OHV use in areas because of perceived impacts to flora and fauna and/or failure of the agency to complete endless studies of same.

OHV continues to get pounded by the anti-OHV crowd, but this victory (and some others coming soon?) may help ease the pain and give hope that we are not fighting a losing battle.

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