Monday, October 18, 2010

Signs - An Important Management Tool

The Recreation HQ believes that respect for our natural resources should actually start with the agency. When visiting various Forests, The General looks for “signs” that an agency has made a commitment to managing the unit.
PHOTO: A "sign" this unit cares about the resource

HQ believes that signing is a critical management tool that is often missing on many units. Signs are an important way the agency communicates to the public. Signs that inform the general public can either convey the agency’s commitment to managing recreational activities or they (by their absence) convey a lack of caring.

As we continue on the somewhat arduous (and controversial at times) travel planning journey, HQ believes that the agency must commit to managing the resource and communicate that decision to the general public via an effective signing program.

As always, thanks to riders for your support and to those in the agency who work hard to convey their commitment to the management of our public lands via an effective signing program.

Feedback and comments are welcome from riders and agency folks who follow this blog.

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