Sunday, October 10, 2010

HQ Bell Tolls for Closure of Intermountain Forest Assn.

The Recreation HQ has sounded its official bell today in mourning. Several days ago, The General got word that the Intermountain Forest Association will be closing its doors at the end of the year.
PHOTO: Don standing by a Cat (the type he used to run and service in the 1970s) near Rio Dell.

HQ believes this closure is directly related to the never ending war declared (circa late 1960s) by radical environmental groups, left-wing foundations, and their supporters in Congress to put the timber industry “out of business” on public lands. Some of you may not know that The General worked in the timber and construction industry in the early 1970s (see blog below for that bit of history). He might have stayed in the resource industry but at a young age he saw the “handwriting on the wall” when Redwood National Park was established which put Cal-Pacific Lumber (and many others) out of business.

Don’s History of Logging on the N. Coast

The General is proud of his relationship with the timber industry as part of the multiple-use family. Over the years we have fought many administrative, legislative, and legal battles together. One such fight was against the Clinton-Gore Roadless Initiative.

The magnitude of the IFA closure cannot be overstated. The General believes it rivals the murder of Gil Murray- by the Unabomber- on the “land-use” Richter scale.

Again, HQ is still processing this event but wanted its followers to know that it rang the official HQ bell today in mourning of IFA’s closure. The War on the West against timber, OHV, mining, and ranching continues.

Video of HQ Bell Being Sounded

Let us not forget the families put out of work by the extreme environmental movement and let us resolve today to fight back even harder against their job-killing agenda.

Thanks for your service!

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