Monday, October 4, 2010

H.R. 689 - The FS/BLM OHV Land Exchange Bill a Success!

PHOTOS: Upper Left - BLM's Sky Zaffarano, the OHV Program Manager, pointing to FS land that is now in BLM authority. Upper Right - The General on one of the maintained dirt bike trails.

The Recreation HQ is proud to give riders an update on just how the passage of H.R 689 (the FS/BLM land exchange bill at Chappie-Shasta OHV Area) is doing.

BRC News Release on Success of H.R. 689 (includes quote from Cong. Herger)

The General, on behalf of BRC, helped tech and support the Redding Dirt Rider’s Buckhorn Enduro this last weekend. Before the event, he had a chance to do a “post-passage of the bill” tour with the BLM OHV Manager on that unit, Sky Zaffarano.

Over the years, this unit had been co-managed (or not - depending on your point of view) by both the FS and BLM. It had mixed agency lands and the different land management regulations that exist between the FS and BLM often created conflicts and problems.

This is a great example of where local users got together with elected officials and found a legislative solution to a problem. Since I last visited the area, it appears this new management prescription has resulted in better trail maintenance and new opportunities for the motorized community.

The Chappie-Shasta OHV Area is a destination site in the HQ’s opinion. Besides challenging dirt-bike trails, it offers a great camping/staging area with a giant touring loop for 4wds and ROV/UTVs. Views include Lake Shasta, Mount Shasta, and the Trinity Alps.

HQ recommends this unit as a must place to visit for the OHV enthusiast. Keep in mind a lot of the higher elevation trails are closed due to snow in the winter time.

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  1. Thanks for the help this weekend Don - good talking to you. Keep fighting for us and keeping us informed!

    Rick Bowser
    Redding Dirt Riders