Thursday, October 21, 2010

New "Subpart A" lawsuit filed against Bridgeport Ranger District's Travel Plan

The General on an ATV near Carson City

Recently the Recreation HQ posted an article about the green’s “lust for closures” based on their new “Subpart A and Roadless” lawsuit filed against the Stanislaus National Forest’s Travel Plan.

Green Lust for Closures

Now it looks like CBD basically cut and pasted their legal tenets of the Stanislaus case in the new suit filed against the Bridgeport Ranger District in Nevada.

New CBD Lawsuit Filed in Nevada Against the Bridgeport Ranger District

Article about Lawsuit (with quotes from BRC’s Brian Hawthorne)

HQ has warned riders that we are entering the middle of OHV Wars and this new attack by CBD et al is nothing more than an effort by them to get a judge in some venue to issue a court order that defines the “minimum road network” in future Subpart A travel planning. The concept of a minimum road network has been around for a long time. The danger here is that enviros want it defined in a court. Not a good thing for access interests!

As recreation groups review and prepare for a possible intervention in the Stanislaus case, riders in Nevada will have to decide it they want to fight this attack on a popular riding area in the Carson City area.

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