Thursday, September 23, 2010

New QWR "Less dBA = More Trails" T-Shirt Up for Bid

The Quiet Warrior wants to thank all of you who have given him a warm welcome and offered support for Quiet Warrior Racing. As an earlier blog noted, QWR is a private consulting company that will be, among other things, promoting a “sound” land-use ethic on public roads and trails.
PHOTO: New QWR "Less dBA = More Trails" logo on back of T-Shirt

QWR looks forward to continuing its work as a contractor to BRC as well as branching out into other venues and issues such as SB 435. As some of you know, QWR took an early position on SB 435 and was recently featured on Fresno’s KMJ Radio in an interview and was quoted in an AP article on the bill. QWR urges you to listen to the entire show (interview and post interview phone calls from listeners) as it is very enlightening and is a good case study of the issue with all sides being presented.

Link to KMJ Radio Interview and AP Story

One way QWR supports itself is by offering official T-shirts for auction. This is an easy way for riders to help QWR’s efforts - in Sacramento and elsewhere - to champion access to public roads and trails.

Recently, QWR developed a new “Less dBA = More Trails” T-shirt and the 1st one of the batch (in Large) is being offered on eBay.

New Less dBA = More Trails T-Shirt

QWR again thanks all of you who are supporting its efforts to promote and protect responsible off-road and street motorcycle access to public roads and trails. Watch for QWR website and other new stuff coming in the near future.

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