Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Remember the Past - Prepare for the Future

* PHOTOS: Upper - Fresh Freeze, Left - Cuttenkid's 1964 Chevelle SS (if you look hard enough you might see the Cherry Bomb decals in the passenger window), Right - Cuttenkid circa 1973 with his Chevelle

As The Recreation HQ prepares for upcoming access battles (there is no shortage of those), The General believes it is important to take a pause from the action and remember important memories of the past.

Recently, HQ was reminded by his good friends at Leon’s Mufflers in Eureka that the Fresh Freeze in Henderson Center will be celebrating its 60th anniversary next year. That was a popular hangout of The Cuttenkid back in the 60s/70s. Great memories, great friends, and great food.

This weekend TG will be also remembering and celebrating the life of AMA D36’s Eddie Diaz who passed away in 2009 by taking a trail ride on some of his favorite routes.

Blog on Eddie’s Service in 2009

Some riders may ask why spend time remembering the past? Why not focus 100 percent on the future? HQ’s answer is that it is our past that makes us who we are today. TG also believes that it is important to share those memories with riders so they can have some understanding into what makes him tick.

It is those solid and richly American values from the past that forms the foundation here at HQ. A house built on sand is washed away, but a home (or HQ) built on the Rock cannot be moved.

Thanks for allowing me to share these memories and photos with you… my off-road family.

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