Thursday, September 9, 2010

Support Continued OHV Recreation on CA Coast

The Recreation HQ is asking riders to support an “OHV Success Story” on the North Coast of California in the Redwood Empire. The California Coastal Commission is holding a hearing in Eureka on September 16 to decide if it will reauthorize a permit that allows for OHV recreation to occur on 75 acres owned by the City of Eureka.
PHOTO: This was a family recreating in the area together but using different modes of transportation

Agenda for September 16 Meeting (scroll down to get to Sept. 16)

This land is managed by the BLM and is an important part of the agency’s Samoa Dunes Recreation Area.

BLM Samoa Dunes Recreation Area

As a native of Eureka, I have had several opportunities to tour/ride this area on dirt-bikes, dune-buggies, SUVs, and by foot. It is one of the very few ocean-side OHV riding areas in California and it is very popular with local riders and folks visiting there in the summer to escape the heat in the inland areas of the West.

On all the tours, The General has been impressed by the level of cooperation between the agency and user groups. This positive and collaborative effort is largely responsible for the unit’s success in protecting sensitive areas while allowing for responsible OHV recreation. The staff report below substantiates HQ’s impression the area’s success.

Coastal Commission Staff Report on OHV Recreation

HQ is urging riders and even those representatives from mainstream environmental groups to send in a letter of support (both FAX and snail mail) for continued OHV recreation at this site. It truly meets the definition of “multiple-use” since at any one time you can see fishermen fishing from the jetty, equestrians, surfers, OHVers, and beachcombers all enjoying the area. Let’s all support keeping this area open for managed public use and recreation.

September 9 BRC Letter in Support of OHV Riding on City Property

Thanks for your service!

PS: Letters should be received by the commission no later than Monday the 13th so that they can be included in the commission packets. FAX letters to: 707.445.7877



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  1. OHV recreation is an important family activity and should be allowed on this property. As thses types of areas are whittled away at families are suffering. The OHV community NEVER asks for other forms of recreation to be eliminated from public lands so simple fairness allows us that same respect.
    Thank you,
    Jeff Mello