Monday, September 20, 2010

Cape Hatteras OHV Fight - Ck out Video of Battle

The Recreation HQ has long highlighted the onslaught of OHV closures because of anti-OHV agency agendas being driven by ideologues in government who are often aided by green lawsuits and a sympatric judiciary

The most recent example of plover-based beach closures is the fight to keep public motorized access on Cape Hatteras in North Carolina. Recently, BRC issued an alert on this issue with links to professional videos that include interviews with business owners and recreationists.

HQ has issued its first ever “General’s Award for Access Excellence” to the producers of these films. They tell a story familiar to those of us who used to recreate or fish via OHVs on West Coast beaches. We have seen Humboldt County close Clam Beach to OHVs, The Redwood National Park issued a plan to put commercial surf fishermen out of business near Orick. Oceano SVRA (Pismo Dunes) has seen its footprint reduced. The fight continues at Tolowa Dunes near Crescent City.

BRC Alert on Cape Hatteras OHV Battle

Direct Link to Piping Mad – Part One

Direct Link to Piping Mad – Part Two

As we support the fight at Cape Hatteras, let us not forget our own battles here on the West Coast including Clear Creek.

Link to the Clear Creek Song/Video

HQ thanks all of you for your continued dedication to the fight for access to public lands and beaches and for your support of those of us on the front lines.

Link to Outer Banks Preservation Association

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