Thursday, September 16, 2010

SF Chron - Vote NO on Prop 21

For a number of months, the Recreation HQ has shared it views and concerns about Prop 21 – the California State Parks Initiative.

Aug. 24 Blog on Prop 21 and Sac Bee hit piece on OHV

PHOTO: The Great Dontradamus

If you remember the Sac Bee hit piece on the OHV program and faux crimes occurring in SVRAs, it should come as no surprise that it endorsed Prop 21 today. Even a blind person could see that “slow pitch” coming over the political plate.

Sept. 16 Sac Bee Op Ed in Support of Prop 21

Besides being a slush fund for enviro groups and a money pot for many of this state’s non-park regulatory agencies, The General believes the biggest hurdle for Prop. 21 is that it levies a tax on a large group of citizens (mostly low-income) who DO NOT use state park facilities.

What surprised HQ yesterday is when the often liberal SF Chronicle agreed with The General and came forward with an Op Ed against Prop. 21. The Chronicle made many points about what is wrong with Prop. 21 including the fact that it will be the low-income that are hurt most.

Sept 15 SF Chronicle Op Ed to Vote NO on Prop 21

March Blog with Predictions/Overview for Prop. 21

Donstradamus stated in his March blog that voters will decide if the merits of Prop. 21 warrant their support. His suggestion is that parks must become relevant and self-sustaining if they are to survive. Depending on public largess when the unemployment rate in CA in over 10 percent and in many rural areas is above 20 percent is a gamble at best.

Predicting the outcome of any political proposal is difficult, but Donstradamus will continue predicting that Prop. 21 has a long way to go in convincing a majority of Californians (many who do not visit state parks) they need to drop another check in the mail on their way to the unemployment line or next unproductive job interview.

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