Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eddie Diaz Memorial Celebration - Eddie Was a Good Man

A good name is better than a precious ointment…” (Ecclesiastics 7:1)

Judging by the size of the crowd (450-500 people) and the content of the various testimonies, Eddie had a very good name!

They say it’s not the start of the race or life that is important but how you finish. Sure there were a lot of inside bench racing stories that brought some humor to the memorial celebration, but it was the testimony
from those who Eddie had helped along life’s journey that were the most
touching and important.

Many racing and industry leaders spoke or were in attendance at the celebration.
Those names include, but are not limited to, Dave Bertram, Dick Mann,
Rodney Smith, Richard Christian, Brad Lackey, Heather Wilson, Phil Ray, Nick Haris, Taz Harvey, and Duffy Collin. Dave Pickett spoke and also permanently retired Eddie’s number – 31z

Based on testimonies, it was Eddie’s caring for his family and others, work ethic, passion for the sport, and vision for protecting our right to ride that were his hallmarks.

I remember Eddie for his strong support for trail access and making sure
AMA Dist. 36 continued its Legislative Action Office. That office position will
be one of his many legacies.

At the end of the service, Fred Sumrall (AMA Dist. 36 Chaplin) gave the crowd
his spiritual perspective on Eddie’s life. Fred believes (and so do I) that people like Eddie are called by God to serve in leadership positions and are made effective by His
guidance. Fred prayed that other leaders would come forth to help carry on Eddie’s vision for this country and our sport. May that prayer be answered.
Since a tribute to our military was mentioned at the service and since there was a spiritual context to the memorial... some of you who may want to hear/see one of my favorite patriotic/religious videos:

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The Diaz Family has set up the Eddie Diaz Memorial Legal Fund at BRC

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