Thursday, April 2, 2009

The General Was Green Before Al Gore Was!

With all the talk about using “green technology” to produce electric cars and other devices, I thought my readers might enjoy seeing The General (Circa 1956) driving his electric Pontiac Junior Star Chief.

Photo on Right is of The General at 1.5 years of age
Info on Pontiac Junior Star Chief

The General does not think a person should buy an electric car or motorcycle just because they “want to appear green.” Rather, they should buy and use the vehicle because it is fun, practical, and makes sense.

Such is the case with the Junior Star Chief. The General drove it because it WAS fun
and made sense for him at the time. People should purchase green vehicles because they want to and not because the government is forcing it down their throats. The General believes people today love freedom just as much as they did in the 1950s. I know I do.

The General believes he beat Al Gore to the punch regarding “green technology” by actually using an electric automobile before Al Gore even knew how to spell electricity. Maybe it is The General who should be awarded a Nobel Prize for being one of the youngest and earliest Americans - who as an infant - enjoyed green automotive technology before it was politically correct.

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  1. Awesome, General, you MUST be Al Gore's hero.
    Cute, way cute.

  2. Don Amador being Al Gore's Hero... how awesome is that?