Friday, April 24, 2009

April 24 - Update on Smokey Bear ATV Ad

The General thanks all of you who recently sent in feedback and complaints about the continued airing of the now infamous 2008 Smokey Bear ATV ad. As you know, the BRC, AMA and other OHV groups requested that the ad be pulled.

In response to our collective request, the Ad Council did send out a request to media outlets to pull the ad in 2008. However, it appears that some TV or radio departments did not get the message.

Based on BRC’s April 13, 2009 letter requesting The Ad Council review of our continued concerns, they responded today with a letter basically asking for our/your help in tracking the unapproved airing of these ads.

April 13, 2009 BRC Letter to Ad Council

April 24, 2009 Ad Council Response and Request for Help


On Monday, the BRC will be sending out an alert to its members (sign up on the BRC Alert System if you want to get such alerts)

BRC Alert System


That alert will be asking you and your friends to monitor TV and radio shows for the airing of the ad and then contact Helen Cleveland with the details so that Ad Council can do the appropriate follow-up.


Helene Cleveland
Fire Prevention Program Manager
USDA Forest Service

Thanks to all of you who made The General aware of this issue.

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