Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bruce Ogilvie - We Lost Another Great Champion

The General is deeply saddened by the passing of Bruce Ogilvie. The loss of this great person with his impressive OHV resume comes at a time when I just got back from a memorial for AMA Dist. 36 legend, Eddie Diaz. On top of that, I am preparing to leave for the Billy Ray Memorial Trail Ride this weekend at Stonyford.

I did not know Bruce very well, but I always admired his racing prowess and development of various Honda off-road dirt-bikes such as the XR400. He was approachable and took phone calls from enthusiasts with questions about bike set-up, such as when my friend (a Forest Service OHV Master performer and fmr. Dist. 36 champion) had questions about the suspension on the early model XR400.
Honda News Release

The General is sincerely moved by Bruce’s battle with cancer and the family’s request that riders donate blood in his honor. I lost my dad to cancer about 10 years ago and both my sister and I donated both blood and platelets to help with his 2 year battle and appreciate just how important those donations are to patients who are fighting for their lives.

Folks, we are losing too many good people. Somebody from the East Oakland Moto Bros came up with an idea that we have occasional “Celebration of Life” parties where we honor people who are still with us. I think that is a great idea!

In Bruce’s honor, I ask that riders make an appointment to donate blood or -even better- ask if you are a good candidate to donate platelets. The General will make his blood/platelet donation next week.

Godspeed Bruce, Eddie, and Billy Ray.

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