Tuesday, April 14, 2009

BRC Obtains Status for CFC Donations

For a number of years, pro-access government employees have strongly urged the BlueRibbon Coalition to obtain official status in the Combined Federal Campaign Charity List.

Today that vision was realized when the BRC announced that the United States Office Of Personnel Management has granted the aforementioned status. BRC will be listed under the National/International Independent Organizations list for charitable donations.

BRC News Release on CFC Status

I know that BRC has many supporters in the federal land agencies and our military who want to donate to its effort to champion good stewardship of public lands. According to
the BRC news release--the organization will be listed as: 11402 BlueRibbon Coalition.

I think a special note of thanks should go to BRC executive director, Greg Mumm, and his staff for a mission accomplished.

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