Friday, August 13, 2010

Quiet Warrior Racing Announces Official Sound Bike for 2010

The General is proud to announce that Quiet Warrior Racing has selected (actually it was donated) its official sound education bike for 2010. As some of you know, The General has been on the forefront of advocating for the use of sound compliant exhaust systems on off-highway motorcycles. QWR is now supporting that same ethic for street bikes using SAE J -2825.

Over the years as a land use consultant to the BRC, he has promoted 96dBA on public lands using the SAE J-1287 20 inch sound test for OHVs. Since 1996, TG has also helped as a volunteer sound tester at various OHV events held on public and private lands.

Recently, he renamed his consulting business to Quiet Warrior Racing. QWR is a recreation and natural resource-based land use firm that specializes in a number of venues including; event support, field research, public land policy analysis, legal research, political consulting, product evaluation, government/media affairs, and public relations. It will also offer some gear with official QWR logo.

QWR will allow TG to continue his efforts to champion a responsible on and off-road land use ethic for BRC and other interests. To make that work fun, QWR will be campaigning for the rest of 2010 on a well-used (and in need of few upgrades) 1994 Suzuki RMX 250. With a repacked 90s era FMF ISDE Spark Arrester it tests at 92 dBA at 3750 rpm.

If you are interested in sponsoring the efforts of QWR or the RMX feel free to drop TG a note at:

Don Amador, Owner
Quiet Warrior Racing
555 Honey Lane
Oakley, CA 94561
Office: 925.625.5309

If you want to support QWR by bidding on an official T-Shirt go to:

Thanks to those who are already supporting QWR -- it means more than you really can ever know.


  1. Right awn, Don. Great job on QWR. I'm on the team. Del

  2. Del, It's a team effort to keep roads and trails open. Thanks for the support.

  3. We have to get the word out to motorcyclists.. Loud bikes are not cool..Its the number one thing the general Public does not like about us and the Exclusionists use againist us. It up to all of us to tell your buddy his loud exhaust is killing our sport both on road and off.. thanks Don for all your work to keep our right to ride..