Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BREAKING NEWS - FS Puts Hold on Launch of Subpart A Travel Planning

The Recreation HQ wants to share some breaking news regarding the potential launch of Subpart A of Travel Management in Region 5 and elsewhere.
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Yesterday, The General received a tip from one of his OHV colleagues that the Washington Office of the FS was placing a temporary hold on the launch of new Subpart A travel planning at the Forest level.

That rumor was just confirmed to be true according to an update to the Subpart A Focus Group from the Center for Collaborative Policy that states the FS has indeed postponed the launch of Subpart A planning pending further review.

Subpart A Focus Group Info

This is huge news! HQ believes the many phone calls and comments you have made to FS officials -- cautioning them against launching a new planning effort that had not been fully vetted – played a major role in this decision to hold back the launch of Subpart A.

Also, HQ believes the recent “Subpart A” lawsuit filed by anti-OHV groups against the Stanislaus NF’s Subpart B Travel Plan may have had the unintended effect of showing the FS their “lawsuit cards.” The General likes to call this “premature litigation”

Blog on the Stanislaus NF’s Lawsuit and the Green’s Lust for Closures

HQ will continue to follow this breaking story. But for now, let us celebrate the fact that the agency appears to be reevaluating the wisdom of launching an ill-advised effort that only guarantees that the FS will be hit with an endless parade of green lawsuits if a unit does not close enough routes to satisfy the enviro’s insatiable appetite for trail restrictions.

This reminds me of the old parable of the Scorpion (greens) and the Frog (FS) where the Stanislaus lawsuit clearly shows what the scorpion intends to do when the frog is piggy backing it across the Subpart A planning pond.

Thanks for your service and vigilance!

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