Tuesday, March 3, 2009

National OHV Land Use Awakening?

It is sometimes said that it is tough to awaken a sleeping giant, but after reading ESPN’s March 2 story on land use battles… I think the giant that is the off-road community (media, dirt-bike moms and dads, motocross racers, X-game champions, enduro racers, and trail riders) has had those heavy scales removed from its eyes.

The General has been hearing from a lot of troops about the collective weight of land-use battles currently being waged on any number of fronts. The Wilderness Bills in the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act -S.22, the CPSC ban on youth OHVs, money being stolen from the California OHV Fund, Riverside County banning private tracks, trails being closed by the Forest Service’s Travel Management Rule, and many other issues that collectively appear to be causing a national off-road land-use “awakening.”

As a long time OHV advocate, The General has had a dream that all of the various disciplines of off-road motorcycling would join together and fight these land closures with a loud and effective voice.

I think the ESPN article is a strong indicator that The General’s dream is becoming a reality.

ESPN Article (quotes from MIC, AMA, and BRC)

You can also take the important steps of joining your local, state, and national OHV groups. Join them all. Becoming an involved member of a land use group is the most important thing you can do.
To Join BRC go to:
To Join AMA go to:
Also join your local and state organizations.
Thanks for waking up!!!

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