Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Congressional Fix is Only Solution to CPSC Ban of OHVs

The General agrees with the National Association of Manufacturers and their March 24 letter which describes the fiscal impacts of the CPSC ban on OHVs sales, and other products. They too call for a Congressional fix.

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NAM March 24 Letter

Currently various bills (H.R. 968, etc.) designed to fix the problem are making their way through Congress. However, it appears that a rather new bill H.R. 1587 (the Dirt-Bike Bill) may be our best chance to get a resolution to the OHV crisis. I continue to believe it was Congress that gave us a well-intended law that was filled with ambiguity which ultimately lead to unintended consequences such as the banning many legitimate “non-toy” products. (see Dear Colleague letter posted with blog)

Stay tuned as you may be asked to contact your local Member of Congress and ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 1587.

Thanks for staying engaged!!!

The General

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