Friday, March 20, 2009

ON ANY THURSDAY - Malcolm Smith's Protest

Those of us in the off-road world already know Malcolm as the racing and film legend that he is. We all remember watching him ride in “On Any Sunday.” For many off-roaders that movie was the driving force for them to get into motorcycle riding or competitive racing.

On March 19, 2009 Malcolm Smith became the star of another achievement. By holding a rally and defying the CPSC ban on the sale of youth OHVs he will be also known as the driving force of…”On Any Thursday.”

Dirt Rider Mag Article on Event
Great Photos from Carlos Aguirre (Thanks Carlos!!!) of Malcolm Event
AMA Article on Malcolm Event

Overlawyered Article on Event

Cool Video of Josh Cerne (a young racer) Asking Folks to Save the Sport

As you know, the decision to engage in civil disobedience is a decision that only can be
made by the person who is defying the law. It is a deeply personal decision that must be respected.

As Congress works on legislative fixes to the current ban and to honor Malcolm’s decision, The General is asking riders to continue to pressure your elected officials to help bring a quick end to what has become a national disgrace.

Continue to monitor and use the MIC’s “Stop the Ban” Website

Also, watch for alerts from other groups such as AMA and BRC.

Thanks for your service!

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