Thursday, March 26, 2009

Send Letters Supporting S. 608 to Fix CPSC Lead Ban

As the General told you last Wed. (March 18), there are both
Democrats and Republicans working on a congressional fix
to the CPSC ban on the sale of youth OHVs and related parts.

Over the last few weeks, there has been a number of House
and Senate bills (HR 968, etc.) offered to help fix the problem.
Some of you have asked why we need “another bill/fix?”

That is a good question. In the legislative process it is not uncommon
for a bill to be introduced and then blended into a similar bill or legislative
process. That is what is happening here.

Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) has introduced S. 608 and now we are asking you
to use MIC/ARRA’s website/letter generator to contact the Senate Commerce
Science and Transportation Committee and ask them to support S. 608.

MIC/ARRA letter generator

To read about Sen. Tester’s “Dirt-Bike Bill” go to:

Sending in letters today and getting your friends to do the same is the most important
thing you can do this week!!! The General has already sent his letters in.
Stay tuned for a similar effort soon on H.R. 1587.

Thanks for your service.

The General

# # #

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