Monday, March 2, 2009


For many years, some leaders of the mountain bike community
have had a dream of finding a way to rewrite federal law so that
mountain bikes are allowed in designated Wilderness areas or
other non-mechanized land classifications.

The following Feb. 17 PEER News Release
should serve as a potent reminder to mountain bike leaders that
many green groups lump their form of recreation in the same category of other hated land-use groups which include OHV, timber, mining, and cattle grazing.

All one has to do is simply replace the term “mountain bikes” with “OHVs” and
the PEER news release would look like so many others they and other green groups have
filed against dirt-bikers, ATVers, or 4WD owners.

The General continues to feel that mountain bikers and OHVers have a lot in common
and should join forces to advocate for continued motorized and mechanized responsible access to our Backcountry. Maybe PEER’s news release will fill the mountain bike community’s nostrils with the not-so-sweet aroma of green bias arising from the brew of the enviro's conflict industry.

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  1. General, your the BEST, No one knows these issues better than YOU!!!!!!