Monday, March 23, 2009

CPSC Cat Fight - Dueling Commissioners

As a former Chairman of the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission at California State Parks (circa 1994-2000), I have been a witness to a ‘dueling commission.” In that case, it was often pro-access commissioners trying to defeat anti-OHV commissioners’ efforts to defund Forest Service and BLM trail projects between the years of 2000-2008.

In the case of the CPSC, it appears the 2 current members of the commission (they are waiting for a 3 member) are engaged in some sort of cat fight. In a March 20 letter to Congressman John Dingell, Commissioner Nancy Nord sends a 24 page document that offers suggestions upon which Congress could take immediate action;

Commissioner Nancy Nord’s 24 Page Letter

In an apparent response to the Nord letter, Commissioner Thomas Moore sends a 2 page letter that basically states the Commission (once a 3rd member is added) is best suited
to address the flaws and/or find solutions.

Commissioner Moore’s 2 Page Letter

Having read both letters, The General asks the question…”Is the OHV community and American public best served by supporting the ongoing efforts by Congress to address the functional ban of youth-OHVs or are we better waiting for an un-elected government body to decide our future?"

If you use the 2000-2008 OHMVR Commission as an example… the answer would be a clear NO!!!

However, given how slowly Congress acts on some issues… our children would be old and gray before the youth-OHV ban was overturned.

At this point, I am leaning towards giving the pro-access DEMS and GOPers in Congress the chance to address the unintended consequences of their 2008 legislation.

In the meantime, be sure and check the MIC website for daily updates on what you can do to help overturn the ban.

MIC OHV Ban Website
Also, speaking of the CA OHV Commission - ck out their letter to the CPSC on the issue - Thanks
OHV Commission!!!


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