Wednesday, July 11, 2012

North Wind Puts Little Stony Campground in Danger - July 11 - Noon Update

Photo above: Fire Heading Towards Little Stony Campground
Photo below: BRC's Brian Hawthorne at Little Stony on a CA Trip
a few years ago

Due to a recent shift in the winds at about 11:15 am today, the smoke and fire is now being driven south by north winds and is heading for Little Stony OHV Camp/Staging Area.   Stay tuned as HQ believes this situation has grown worse in the last hour or so.     
HQ thanks its team of local reporters and residents who are helping us keep off-road fans of the Stonyford area informed on this critical situation.
Will bring updates as they come in.  Please leave a note if you think these updates are of value.


  1. Thanks Don! So sad, just when it was all growing back it burns again. Any way OHVers can help out the Forest Service when this is over?

  2. Thanks Don. Keep them coming. You are giving more detail on this fire is effecting the OHV users. Sarah Ridenour just sent an e-mail to the Enduro Clubs that most likely the fall enduros will be canceled,

  3. Anonymous,

    I agree with Sarah, I think the fall enduros and even casual riding will be impacted by this fire. I will do some recon in the near future and see what it looks like. Not good on any number of fronts. I hope I am wrong on the impacts to use this fall and the possibility of Little Stony getting impacted, but usually I am right. I talked with D36's Dave Pickett today as well.

  4. Good Information and appreciated.
    Thank's to all participating.